DRive DR Upgrade Solutions

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“DRive” is a fully featured, very economically priced, DR upgrade offering.

DRive Multiple System Detector Combinations

Offering a 17”x17” fixed panel, 14”x17” tethered panel or a 14”x17” Wireless panel as well as a dual panel offering, with your choice of Cesium Iodide or Gadolinium Oxysulfide detectors.

Image Capture and Preview is Less Than 3 Seconds
A preview image is displayed immediately after X-ray exposure, allowing for prompt image confirmation, fast network distribution, and quick patient throughput.

The System will come Pre-Staged from Quantum Medical Imaging.

With a 24” high resolution widescreen monitor and a robust 1TB RAID 1 hard drive, capable of archiving over 100,000 images.

“DRive” is compatible with Conventional X-Ray generators making conversion to DR workflow fast, easy, and cost effective.

A password protected operator will be able to reject an image and select a drop down menu of reject reasons to select.

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DRive DR Upgrade Solutions

DRive DR Acquisition Console Software

• Patient Registration: Manually or DICOM Modality Worklist
• Patient size selection: Pediatric, Small, Medium, Large Adult
• Image Acquisition + QC (brightness/contrast, flip, rotate, zoom, annotations, measurements (zoom, pan, window/level, mag,
   crop, invert, line measurement, angle measurement, text, arrow, L&R Markers, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation)
• Image Preview in Less Than 3 Seconds
• DICOM Store/Transfer  to PACS
• DICOM Print to DICOM Printer or “Print to Printer” for paper printer
• Export images formatted as .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, and DICOM (with or without Viewer) to CD or other media
• Archive to CD/DVD – Archive to removable drive
• Hard disk capacity warning – Scheduled periodic back-up warning.
• Preconfigured with default anatomical exam tree and image processing parameters
• Black Surround Fill
• Delete Image
• Stitching – Manually and Auto
• Remote access via Team Viewer
• DR Trigger Mode: (using generator interface cable) – Detector receives signal that generator is prepared to generate x-rays.
• AED Mode – Automatic Exposure Detection: 
   The detector detects actual amount of x-rays without any connection
   to the x-ray generator, and then performs image acquiring according to
   image acquisition time and transmits the image data – no signal used
   (no need to connect to generator interface cable)
• DICOM Storage Commitment
• MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step)
• Exposure Index
• Deviation Index
• Repeat- Reject software

DICOM Viewer “Software"        
• Query and Retrieve of patient studies/images from VX Server to remote viewing workstations
• Unlimited Client Licenses


DRive includes PACS Server “Software” & DICOM “Software” (Optional User Feature)

• DICOM PACS Server Software Multi-modality
• Archives patient studies/images in DICOM format as sent from the Acquisition Console
• Export feature with images formatted as .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, and DICOM (with Viewer) to CD or other media

Remote Service Support Software

• TEAM-Viewer Remote Access Software Included
   (allows for WEB-Based Remote dial-up support)
• Download files and maintenance instructions.
   Transfers files between the workstation and a
   service representative