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Specifically designed for use with
Carestream DRX Digital Technology

By simply inserting the DRX digital panel into the DRX-Tray, it becomes instantly hard-wire connected (turning off wireless connection).

“TETHER-CONNECT”: Network Connectivity + Detector Battery Charger - All in One Step
The DRX-Tray utilizes “Tether-Connect” technology that enables the DRX detector to connect via hard wire to the system for all data communication. It also provides the detector with full operational power, eliminating the need to utilize the detector battery.  In addition, it constantly charges the DRX battery, so it remains fully charged and ready when you remove the DRX detector for specialty exams. (This feature virtually replaces the need to manually charge-up the detector battery on a regular basis.) The “DRX-Tray” delivers superior convenience use while st
reamlining daily operations.

DRX-Tray Rotating Tray with WIRELESS-ON-DEMAND Connectivity
DRX-TRAY with WIRELESS-ON-DEMAND Connectivity; includes “Tether-Connect” Technology
Enables DRX detector to connect via hard wire to the system for all data communication.
Provides the DRX detector with full operational power, preserving the detector battery charge
Constantly charges the DRX battery while in the tray, virtually eliminating the need for routine manual charging
Digital Tray with “ROTATING Feature”, allows for one-handed manual rotation of the digital receptor within tray
Note: Please indicate for use in table or wall stand. (for wall stand indicate left or right hand load)


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Quick-Connect Advantage: While switching from hard wired (in table or
wall stand) to wireless (for table top / extremity work) the detector will make
a transition from wired to wireless or vice versa in 2 seconds.

Quantum’s DRX-Tray also provides a "Rotational Feature" inside the tray eliminating the need to remove the digital receptor from the tray when changing orientation. A light pull by the handle rotates the tray.