QT-TCHTable Top Lateral Cassette Holder

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Quantum's Table Top Cassette Holder is a great addition to any x-ray system. The Table Top Cassette Holder accommodates portable DR Panels, CR and Film Cassettes up to 14" x 17" in size, with convenient size adjustment locks which allows for the imaging plates to be positioned either vertically or horizontally. The cassette holder is simply positioned on the table top surface.

The material lining which reduces friction also protects the table top surface from scratches. The Table Top Cassette Holder's light weight design also provides the ability to correct positioning quickly and effortlessly. The holder provides an excellent platform for assisting in acquisition of wide range of radiographs. From Emergency Rooms to Radiographic rooms in Hospitals, clinics and private practice, the Table Top Cassette Holder can assist and reduce positioning time which can be critical in certain situations, giving overall better examination results.

QT-TCH Table Top Lateral Cassette Holder (for Portable DR Panels or CR / Film Cassettes)
• Quick and Easy positioning on the x-ray table
• Accommodates portable digital (DR) panels up to 14” x 17”
• Accommodates CR and/or Film Cassettes up to 14” x 17”
• Quick locking side adjustments hug the imaging plate in place allowing for the imaging plates to be positioned either horizontally or vertically
• Assists in acquiring cross-table lateral exams, as well as many other specialty views
• Effortless maneuverability with table top scratch protection

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QT-TCHTable Top Lateral Cassette Holder