QT-LCH-P Lateral Cassette Holder PLUS

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Quantum's Lateral Cassette Holder Plus is the perfect addition to Quantum's product portfolio. This lateral cassette holder works with portable DR, CR or Film Cassettes up to 14" x 17" with a convenient size adjustment control. The Lateral Cassette Holder Plus can be easily maneuvered to allow a new cassette to be inserted or removed.

With the multi-articulating swivel arm (±90º degrees) and variable height control, a variety of exams are capable of being performed with minimal patient movement. The multi-articulating swivel arm provides for a variety of angled positions enabling the technologist to obtain exams of difficult to image areas.

This new design enables the receptor/cassette to be positioned on or below the table-top to eliminate image cut-off. When using on a Quantum table, the holder can be positioned on either side of the table's accessory rails.

QT-LCH-P Lateral Cassette Holder PLUS (for Portable DR Panels, CR or Film Cassettes)
• Assists in acquiring cross-table lateral exams, as well as many other special views
• Provides positioning of receptor/cassette either on or below the table to eliminate image cut-off
• Angulation ability: complete receptor can be angled by 35° for best patient positioning
• Variable Height Adjustable
• Multi-Articulating swivel arm (±90°) allows variety of angled positions
• Accommodates portable DR panels, CR or film cassettes, up to 14
" X 17"
• Mounts to either side of Table Rails

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QT-LCH-P Lateral Cassette Holder PLUS