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The QUEST HF Series™ provides an innovative solution for today’s challenges in radiographic imaging. Merging sophisticated technology and system architecture with a simple, menu-driven program, the design team at Quantum Medical Imaging has addressed the concerns of technologists and clinicians.

The QUEST HF’s ULTRA High frequency technology permits a near-constant potential of up to 120 kHz, for highly efficient, superbly precise imaging. A simple operating program, with integrated user prompts, permits a wide range of routine, specialized and custom examinations.

The QUEST HF Series
generator offers superior flexibility and user-friendliness for complete, high quality radiographic imaging without compromise.

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Advanced Features
• Three discrete modes of operation with 2 advanced submodes for optimized imaging:
    - APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)
        • APR/AEC                  
        • APR/PATIENT TYPE   
    - AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) 
       - Manual
• Multi-language selection feature for APR Mode
• Integrated self-diagnostic and self-test programs indicate system performance and detailed history
• X-ray tube protection circuitry
• Automatic line voltage compensation
• Automatic shut-off timer (variable time settings)
• Generator and X-ray tube exposure counter
• X-Ray Tube Anode "Heat Unit" monitor
• Contemporary and compact design

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Quantum’s advanced STORED ENERGY (SE) technology permits powerful operation using only a standard “low amperage” wall outlet or alternate power source. The SE’s power cells are virtually maintenance-free and provide years of usage. These units are ideal in facilities where incoming power is unavailable and for mobile imaging applications. 


• Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Electronics: (QG-AEC)

• High (Dual) Speed Starter: (Q-HSS - Only on QG-500)

• Pedestal Mount for Operator Control Console: (QG-PDL)

• Wall Mount for Operator Control Console: (QG-WM)

• Remote Exposure Hand Switch: (R80-HS)

*All generators standard with Q-WARE™ Utility Software

Q-WARE is a laptop-based service support tool that provides an advanced level of APR text and technique editing, simplified calibration as well as other set-up functions.